Utopia Forum Rules! READ!

The rules of the realm of Utopia, please read before continuing...
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Utopia Forum Rules! READ!

Post by Jaibyrd » July 14th, 2011, 4:30 pm

Welcome to Utopia Forums!
I made these rules originally to head possible future problems off at the past, and they are a bit different from other boards, so please read them through carefully. I expect all members to follow these rules while visiting Utopia Forums:
  • Netiquette: Overall I just want you to use your common sense and basic Netiquette when you post here. I.E. Don't be a Dick.
  • No Copyrighted Porn Images: Drawn or CG art is allowed, but porn (such as of living people you find on the internet or got from a porn site/video) images and/or screenshots, no way Jose!
  • ERP Posting: Now, not everyone is into the same things, so first of all the main rule about posting is - if you're not comfortable with others seeing your ERP, then don't post it. If it is an IM ERP and you want to post it, make sure its okay with the other player as well before you post it (that goes back to the whole respect thing there too).

    Also, when you post you must have a tag in the title of your thread letting people know what is in your thread just in case they don't want to read that. Thus here are the tags and their meanings for you to use in the titles. Please remember, these are mandatory:

    Solo - masturbation/only one person involved
    Hetero - male/female involved
    Homo - same sex pairings
    Group - three or more
    Bond - for bondage
    Sub/Dom - for submissive/dominance
    Rape - for rape scenes
    Showers - for yellow/brown showers

    So how you use it is at the end of your thread title, like "Our First Time" you add in brackets what is involved like if it is between a male and a female and there is a bit of bondage involved, it would look like this: "Our First Time [Hetero/Bond]" and that would be the title of your thread.

    Now granted, you may not always know what your doing before hand, so please do go back and edit the title of that first post if anything needs to be added. Easy, right?
  • Regular Posting: Utopia is a free-for-all RP board, which means whatever you want to RP, you can! That's why we made this place, it's a sanctuary away from the confines of other places' rules (and I'm not singling out any one place, just staying we've all been annoyingly restricted before, yes?) so that we can RP to our heart's content. Due to this we don't want to get all of our wires crossed when starting stories that could cascade into story lines, thus please use the following tags in your thread titles:

    OPEN - Means the thread is open to anyone who wants to jump in and play.
    PRIVATE - Means only certain people are allowed to RP in that thread. An alternate way to do this is to post the character names' that will be involved in the thread (ex: "A time to Shine [Lua, Nino, Raeth]")
    CLOSED/FINISHED - This is when the thread is dead or finished, usually the person who posted first goes in when the thread is over and puts that in the title where Open or Private had been.

    Please keep in mind, if there is no tag, the thread will be considered OPEN by default, so be warned!!
  • Character Bios: Originally this board was made for close friends only, but friends are adding friends (which is perfectly OK! ;) ) so for those of us who don't know each other that well or each others characters, please post bios of your character in the section's Bio area so we know who we might be playing with. You don't have to wait for reviews or approval for them from the Admins & Mods as if you're here we trust you, its just a curtsey to other people wanting to RP with you.
  • No Chat Speak Allowed: This is a personal pet peeve of mine. This is a Message Board, not a Chat, the difference being that you have time to think about and edit your posts here. I am not tolerant of people who abbreviate 90% of their words and either type in all lowercase or uppercase. Chat speaking has nothing to do with grammar or spelling skills, so don't tell me that's the only way you know how to type. Look at it this way, I am a teacher; would you hand in a paper done in Chat speak to a teacher? I think not, so don't do it here. However, l33t speak is allowed in small poignant doses. I realize Chat speak and l33t speak are not the same thing, but don't over do the l33t speak either.
  • Spelling and Grammar: I don't mind spelling and grammar mistakes as I realize that not everyone speaks English as a first language. I myself am a horrid speller, but I try to improve myself, however I'm not going to run spell check on every post I make. Thus try your best with your spelling and grammar as no one will call you on it, but remember the above rule: No Chat Speak.
  • Foul Language: People may swear here, as I'm a major ca-ca mouth myself. However this does not give you the license to cuss other members out if they make you mad. I don't care what happened, but if you swear at someone in anger then corrective action will be taken with you. My suggestion is if someone makes you mad, do not post back immediately. Leave the computer, go cool down, and then come back to post later when you can think rationally. The post and the board aren't going anywhere, so it can wait. Remember, no matter how mad someone makes you, they still deserve some respect. Sexual, racist or religious bigotry will get you banned.
  • Religious Nonsense: Speaking of respect, Utopia Forums is primarily a religion free zone. We give credence to all religions, but we will not tolerate promotion of them here. Please remember that not everyone follows the same set of principles that you do, so don't try to cram your beliefs down other's throats. If you try, say goodbye.
  • Other: Do not ask if you can be a Mod here. Aside from myself there is HorusRe and Catriana and that's enough. However you can request silly titles if you wish. Just PM me (Jaibyrd) and if I approve, you'll get your own silly title.
  • Warning System: I'm a firm believer in the three strikes rule. Therefore if you break one of these rules you will be warned privately. If you persist you will then be warned on the board and banned for a week. The third time you will be banned permanently without further notice. You can try to appeal, but I am very hard to appease once you've torqued me off. Remember this is not a democracy, I made this board and my word is final.
Party on and enjoy! :cheer: