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Jai'byrd - Crazy lady with a snake!

Post by Jaibyrd » May 13th, 2013, 1:15 pm

Hi I'm Jai'byrd! The wacky person who runs this site and does all the technical stuff! :upsidedown:

Let's see, interesting facts about myself... :plot:

In real life I am a Science Teacher and former Zoo Keeper. Yes, one year I worked will all manner of exotic animals; from Bears (one Himalayan Black Bear and one European Brown Bear), cats (two bobcats, one African Serval, one White Tiger, one Snow Leopard, one black Leopard), a bunch of naughty monkeys (5 South American Capuchin's, 3 Maquacs, umpteen Grivets), nine alligators (and I did go in with them everyday), one Sanford's Brown Lemur who loved to cuddle, one Emu who loved to womanize, four llamas, one Guanaco, three Asian Barking Deer, two silly Coatis Mundis, one sweetheart of a blind albino raccoon, and several dozen nonvenomous and venomous snakes that I worked hands on with everyday. It was a great year and if you want I will yak to the cows come home all about it and all the neat stories about each animal. I also have a snake from when the zoo closed who came to live with me and help me teach science! His name is Monty and he's a ball python.

Other than that I love a wide variety of things other than RPing, I'm a huge Star Trek fan and have every useless piece of information about the shows and movies tucked away in the scary depths of my mind. I also love comics, I usually stick to DC comics and read Batman and Catwoman. I love Catwoman! I'm big into Drow, Gargoyles and most fantasy things. I like Mortal Kombat (that's how my husband HorusRe and I met through MK), Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering and Dragon Quest/Warrior series. I also read quite a bit, my favorite author is Mercedes Lackey. I listen to all kinds of music, from Sting to Loreena McKennit to Sheryl Crow to Smash Mouth.

On top of that I love to build websites, make bead jewelry, write stories and draw pictures. I run several other websites, mainly The Weirdo Zone (which I have left to rot for the most part sad to say). You can see my art over at jaibyrd.deviantart.com

So you can see I'm a wacky woman who does everything at once complains about it all sometimes, but can't imagine life not doing any of it! Thus I'm a weirdo and I like it that way!

Other random bits of information:
My favorite colors - Purple, Deep green, Red, Silver
My favorite car - Plymouth Prowler (*drools* A purple one would be nice!)
My favorite computer - Mac's
My favorite plane - SR-71 Blackbird, P-38 Lightning
My favorite pizza topping - Mushrooms
My favorite animal(s) - Cats, Horses, and Griffins!
My favorite anime - Ghost in the Shell
My favorite shows - Star Trek, Mythbusters, World's Dumbest
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