Bast - Crazy lady with cats ;P

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Bast - Crazy lady with cats ;P

Post by Bast » May 13th, 2013, 3:55 pm

Who are you? Bast
How did you find out about Utopia? Tsuris yanked me over here to ERP my naga with Zan'nah
What are some things you like (TV shows, Movies, games, websites, hobbies ect.)? I like fantasy and action type stuff.
Give us one unique fact about yourself (and don't tell me you don't have one, everyone has one!). I am a mother to a mid ranged autistic son who gets in home incentive therapy six days a week.

Also I'm blunt and to the point.
I swear I'm medicated!
I'm bi. I've had boyfriends and girlfriends.
I only drink water, tea, and coffee
I'm picky about where I RP. I like it here.
I love mythology.
Not currently playing an MMO but I do love them.
Console games of choice are fighters.
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