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Jonarus_Drakus - Wierd and proud of it!

Post by jonarus_drakus » December 15th, 2013, 10:01 am

'sup everyone!

I'm Jonarus "JD" Drakus, and if that sounds familiar from literally ANYwhere, its probably still me (Go ahead and google 'me', I have and its all me as far as I can tell!). I found out about Utopia from Jai back in the ol' PtP days after a fun little shoutbox 'encounter' (that I am proud to say I triggered)... Lets just call it "Shoutbox crazy times" eh? :P

The 'short description' for me is: 1/3 'Goth', 1/3 'Car nut', 1/3 'Nerd/gamer'. (EDIT: Gah! How could I forget something like this! - I am an Aussie! wOOt! Go Downunderverse!)

As for the 'long' version... Okay, lets see, where that list I was supposed to go through... Ah!

Favorite Colour: Midnight Blue (only because 'black' technically isn't a colour)
Favorite Car: 1988 Holden 'VL' Calais station-wagon (there was only 150-something made though :( )
Favorite Computer: Mine, because even if it is an erratic misfiring piece of junk :crash: , it's MY erratic misfiring piece of junk :crash: that I cobbled together with my own hands! (PC all the way! Can't mod console games after all!)
Favorite (PC) Games (and mods): The Civilization series, The Elder-Scrolls (MW on, all modded), Fallout series (especially NV, also heavily modded), CoH (EF Mod), 'Total War' series (Shogun2 FotS is raining champ). In general, my preference goes to RPGs and Strategy (Turn based or real-time). Admitedly, as a car nut, I did find a use for consoles... PS2/3 and 'street racing inspired' titles.
Favorite food: BBQ Chicken/meatlovers Pizza! *gurgle*
Favorite animal(s): Keeshonden (the dog breed), Dogs in general, cats, lizards (Blue tongues), spiders (I catch moths for the ones that live on the outside walls of my flat sometimes... I like to think of them as my unholy army of the damned :P ).
Favorite Band/music: EPICA! (Pretty much any heavy-rock/metal with a female vocalist, so add Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish (When Tarja was still the singer), Lacuna coil, and a bunch more I haven't found yet!). :rock:
Favorite Manga/Anime: Black Lagoon, Naruto (D'awwww! Hinata! *hug Hinata who promptly faints and is then set upon by the likes of Naruto and :rocklee: as a result*)
Favorite 'normal' TV: NCIS (Squeee! Abby!), Pretty much all the Star-Trek ones, Dr Who, CSI (The origional Vegas one anyway, the Miami one is blegh).
Favorite 'drinks': Jager-bombs (even straight Jager), Decent quality Vodka, and my own creation, the "V2" (Vodka and "V" energy-drink).

Blarg! there is tons more, but I'm not normally a 'list' kind of guy... ^^;

OH! I am currently working on improving my manga-style drawing abilities with the intent of starting my own web-comic! The 'working title' is "Darkside Chronicles", and I'm still in the 'concept' phase - Oh that reminds me! I have a Dev-art page:

Would you like to know more? Just ask!


PS: Can we dig Eh'rin out of the archives? The desire to 'use' her again rather than letting her fade away is the main motivator for getting back into things here... I really am quiet proud of what I made her into... :aww:
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Re: Jonarus_Drakus - Wierd and proud of it!

Post by Jaibyrd » December 15th, 2013, 1:16 pm

Hey! So great to see you here again!! :hug: Yes, I will go dig her out right now! :boogie:

Yes, we must keep the PtP RP rolling! :yay:

And I would so love to see your web-comic project! XD
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