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Posting Codes

Post by Jaibyrd » April 27th, 2013, 7:35 pm

When you post you must have a code in the title of your thread letting people know what is in your thread just in case they don't want to read that. Thus here are the codes and their meanings for you to use in the titles. Please remember, these are mandatory:

Solo - masturbation/only one person involved
Hetero - male/female involved
Homo - same sex pairings
Group - three or more
Bond - for bondage
Sub/Dom - for submissive/dominance
Rape - for rape scenes
Showers - for yellow/brown showers

So how you use it is at the end of your thread title, like "Our First Time" you add in brackets what is involved like if it is between a male and a female and there is a bit of bondage involved, it would look like this: "Our First Time [Hetero/Bond]" and that would be the title of your thread.

Now granted, you may not always know what your doing before hand, so please do go back and edit the title of that first post if anything needs to be added. Easy, right?