Weirdo Test 1

1. Icthifshjkh; spell it:
Icthifshjkh Norm
"I" - "T" Duh

2. What is your name?
Lancelot of Camelot Neepzorp
Beats me You tell me

3. What is the color of your red underwear?
Red Rainbow
Purple Stupid

4. Ice is to spit like spit it to _________.
Gumibears Rain
Umbrellas Meatloaf

5. If two trains collided after leaving New York and Denver and the world blew up, how would you feel?
Fine Dead
Like a pie Weird

6. If radiation gives you Cancer, what gives you Aquarius?
PMS Brussel sprouts
An Ameba A forklift

7. How many blackbirds are in a pie?
Twelve Enough
Both X and Y 101 Dalmatians

8. Do you know what my pet bug eats?
Idaho Dirt
My Brother Argentina

9. Do you love me?
Now that I can dance...? Norm
morN Do I have to answer now?

10. Who is buried in Grant's tomb?
Hopefully Grant Elvis
A dog named Aardvark Alien bodies from the Roswell Crash...