Weirdo Test 2

1. If you could be a pickle, what kind of pickle would you be?
Dill Gherkin
Sweet Tommy

2. Do you know what?
What? A pie
That's what! Yes, I met him last week

3. Did you do your laundry?
Meow! Os kniht t'ond i
Don't forget the kitchen sink I don't wear clothes, only ostrich feathers

4. Gniyas m'I tahw llet uoy nac?
No hablo ingles! seY
Only on Tuesdays, but not on Mondays Pineapple

5. Can't have any!
Why NOT? This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System...
Tomato oatmeal Uh, yeah

6. Why do Superheroes overreact?
It's the tights Super powers effect the brain
So evil bad guys trying to take over the world wouldn't be alone in the stupidity Why not?

7. Next week will be:
On a Thursday In three years
Replaced by the dewy decimal system YES!

8. A French fry by any other name is:
Stinky Tastes like chicken
Called Pierre In England

9. Why don't M & M's melt in your mouth and not in your hand?
Because... THEY'RE ALIVE! A monkey made it
The Candy Shell, duh! WHA!

10. Insanity is in the mind of those who think you are
Next Week Same with Intelligence
Riiiight... All of the above