Weirdo Test 3

1. Why am I taking another one of these tests again?
I'm bored What test?
Is that a monkey? I'm bored

2. What's the Square root of 9,000,998,027?
It's the thought that counts Some number
Onions give you bad breath 94873.58972337876...

3. What's that spleen doing over there?
Well... It's not a spleen, it's my uncle!
I have pockets! Who thinks this crud up?

4. (Complete the sentence) If it ain't broke...
What pie? Blow it up!
That is not proper English. Get run over by a caterpillar

5. How to make fun of four gameshows at once:
Vote Kathy Lee off the asteroid! Your the weakest Millionaire, Goodbye.
Is that your final vowel? You've won a cookie!

6. Do you watch Iron Chef?
Meatloaf?!? I want my MTV...
Fuku-san! Cats are silly

7. (Complete the sentence) If in doubt...
Both I, II, and III Wait longer...
Don't fix it. Blow it up!

8. What orbits the Earth?
The next place where Survivor is going to be held. Dubbya's ganglionic membrane.
I didn't know you could stick peanut butter there! Fuku-san!

9. Isn't this test a bit repetitive?
Yes Yes
What test? So, Thursday is next week!

10. Isn't this test a bit repetitive?
No No
Huh? I'm a Banana!